Kyleigh Farms A Corporation provides comprehensive product development, bottling, marketing and distribution in the Specialty Foods Market thus promoting sustainable economic development in our rural community.

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Specialty food products...shall mean: foods, beverages, or confections meant for human use that are of the highest grade, style and/or quality in their category. Their specialty nature derives from a combination of some or all of the following qualities: uniqueness, exotic origin, particular processing design, limited supply, unusual application or extraordinary packaging or channel of distribution... the common denominator of which is their unusually high quality.

Kyleigh Farms A Corporation offers the following services to any beginning or established food entrepreneur:

  • Product and Process Safety Evaluation

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Process Development and Recommendations
         Shelf Life Analysis, Test production facility.

  • Processing Operations Assistance

  • Co-Packing, Labeling Assistance,Suppliers

  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Initial Business Consulting