What our clients say about us

From the first time I contacted Kyleigh Farms, I knew I found a partner. Not knowing anything about the bottling of BBQ sauce, I was very unsure about what steps to take in this new endeavor. After talking to Jill White, with Kyleigh Farms, all of my uncertainty was erased. She was so knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable with the process. Her advice and attention to detail has proven to be a key asset to our product’s success. I can’t thank her enough for her southern hospitality and professionalism. Choose Kyleigh Farms! You will be glad you did.

That Sauce

I have more than 10 years’ experience managing a barbeque restaurant and always dreamed of developing a sauce and selling it. After discussing creating a sauce with my best friend, he and I agreed to pursue the dream as business partners. C&W Sauce Company was created. We spent a year tweaking the recipe after receiving input from our friends and family, mostly while tailgating at football games. We decided the best way to bring the sauce to market was to hire a co-packer, and after looking at several of them, determined that Kyleigh Farms was the best fit for us. Jill helped us go from recipe to market in a couple of months, offering her guidance and experience along the way. She was involved with labeling, packaging, production and marketing. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Jill and recommend her to anyone new to this type of business.

Chuck Woodley
C&W Sauce Company LLC
Auburn, AL 36801

Our experience with Kyleigh Farms and Jill White has been exceptional for Viper Sauce. We were able to accomplish so much in a short period of time and the product came out great. Jill is very knowledgeable about the whole production process and has valuable connections with companies who supply labels, bottles, caps, spices etc.. We look forward to working with Kyleigh Farms for many years to come.

Kim Mayfield
ViperSauce, LLC

Early Foods LLC has been more than pleased with Jill and her team at Kyleigh Farms. Early on in the development phase Jill worked with us to develop our base flavors of Absolute (Hot), Total (Medium) and Mild Corruption Salsa. In an example of their flexibility, at the last minute, Jill and her team helped us to get our Four Peppers and Roasted Tomatillo flavors to market to complete our line. Sales have been growing and only three months in we are already in talks with a major grocery store chain! After getting the "run around" from other co-packers, Jill was direct and to the point and did the things we needed her to do to get us where we are today!

Scott & Michelle Early
Early Foods, LLC
Pensacola, FL 32503

One evening last year my phone rang, it was a dear friend of mine that hinted around that I needed to get my homemade salsa on the market. He said he had been searching the web for food manufactures for his jams and jellies and had found Kyleigh Farms, located in Chancellor, Alabama. He told me I should take a look at their website. I did!! A week later I meet with Jill White, the owner of Kyleigh Farms, and gave her a sample of TailGate Salsa. She said I had a good product. Jill was so nice and down to earth in helping me and telling me what all was involved with getting a product to the market place. It was nice to find someone that would take the time to explain everything. Jill and her great employees poured the first batch of TailGate Salsa on March 23rd of this year. Things have really taken off locally and now I am expanding out of the Dothan, Alabama area. If you are searching for a food processor, I highly recommend Jill White and her crew at Kyleigh Farms. I can email, phone or meet with her any time. I don't think there are many packers out there that gives that kind of service! Thanks to Jill and her crew!!

Bill Goree
TailGate Salsa, LLC

I looked long and hard for a co-packer that I felt comfortable with and that I knew I could have a long relationship with.  I contacted several and finally decided to have my BBQ sauce bottled by Jill and her crew at Kyleigh Farms.  From the beginning Jill has been so professional about educating me about how to bottle a product the correct way.  Even though she is very professional, she has a personable touch that makes everyone's job so much easier.  I toured her plant on her invitation and was so impressed with what it takes to bottle a product.  She has her very own taste testers "in house" (her employees) and is always giving feedback - good or bad.  I am so glad she is on "our team" since this is our first rodeo with bottling anything! From the very beginning, I have always felt like she wants us to succeed in a BIG way! Hopefully, we are at the beginining of a very long relationship. Kyleigh Farms.....thanks again so much for all of your help!

Pam Hoveland
Psst...Off BBQ Sauce

As we wrap up a year since our first pour, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Jill. You have helped me in so many ways, I am forever in debt to you. I appreciate your willing to work with me while observing patience with my ignorance of the biz. Having you in my comer has provided me the opportunity to reach more people than I imagined possible. You are a life saver!

When we originally came to you, we had around 24 locations selling our sauce. Now we have 90 locations as well as another 10 utilizing our gallons, so we'll say 100. We have a relationship with Southern Blenders in New Orleans (Jefferson, LA) who put out Cajun Land Seasoning. They brought our product to their yearly meeting with Winn Dixie last week. They said it was incredible! With their approval in place, they are making room for us in each oftheir 63 locations. Once they get Mobile, AL early next year, it will be 70 locations. So, the worst case scenario is January, but it could be sooner. The bottom line is that we are in! So we can say we now have roughly 170 locations and steady rising, thanks to you!

We also had 8 online orders from 8:30 last night-to 7:30 this morning. They were from CT, IL, lA, KS, NV to CA. ..weird! Anyway, August is shaping up to be a wonderful month!

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts, take care sister!

Wade Thames
Thames Foods

Jill White and Kyleigh Farms have done a great job for me. It has been an exceptional experience for us. I use them for a co-packer of my sauce. I developed and have made my sauce for 10 years at our restaurant and had the desire to outsource the process due to growth. Jill was a great help to me in finding some of the raw materials needed to process the sauce in the quantity we were looking for. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Danny Loftin - owner
Fat Boy’s BBQ
Pratville, Alabama
Fat Boy’s BBQ

"Kalahari Pepper Company has been very satisfied with our affiliation with Kyleigh Farms. Jill White and her staff have proven to be not only superior co-packers, but valuable partners in protecting the integrity of our products. Kyleigh Farms far surpasses the "cookie cutter" standard of most industry Packers. Our products are manufactured to our specifications with consistent quality control. We highly recommend Kyleigh Farms to any gourmet product company who seeks first class, custom packing services."

Jane and Dave Caswell
Kalahari Pepper Company
Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Kalahari Pepper Company

Jill, Thought this would be a great time to offer my most sincere appreciation for all the hard work you and your staff expended in producing my circa 1945 gourmet line of sauces. Because the Berdeaux line of sauces are truly gourmet; your attention to details were very important. Thanks for being a true professional manufacturer. I look forward to many more production runs with your company.

Best Regards,

Jim Berdeaux
Berdeaux's Vintage Sauces,LLC